1st October, 2012

Quietly, almost two years after the release of Angelic Asylum, we finished our fourth full length album titled In Noxa Est. Kleó has become the main vocalist as distance didn't really help our work with Sophie. You'll hear the rest. :) As long az iTunes sits on the link here's the version you can listen and download for free at Jamendo.

Oh well, we made a small video as well. It would be a little harsh to call it a music video as we just put the camera down and set it to record. It least we skipped the "lets make it artsy" part...

1st January, 2012

Getting through the hard times, as a closure of the last (three) year(s) and as a symbol of a (second) rebirth we're happily (and nonetheless proudly) present our new welcome-EP, Renaissance. This time we didn't even bother trying to dig into your wallets so basicially the whole stuff will be available to listen (and download) on Youtube and Jamendo (as soon as they'll validate it) in a pretty fair quality. Each one of the four songs are a small symbol, although more has been written since then, these are the ones that fulfill and - maybe - complete the last step of moving forward.
Since Angelic Asylum we really turned from the original Elysia-style symphonic "fairytale-metal" genre. The question of course is if it's good or bad but it's a fact that our current fan base, You, are split into two big groups, the AA and the Elysia "more Hungarian words!" part. Kell még is the one which tries to win the favor of the last group as the first song written after Sophie joining us, the materialization of the answer on my question: "should I write symphonic or electric?". We're back at the beginning but in a different level.
Renaissance is the manifestation of a more common form of songwriting for me. The harpsichord"run" that defines the frame and base of the song was written on a foggy November morning on the way to work on my small netbook just as many other songs from the previous albums. Like nothing has changed. The lyrics are the work of Sophie.
Kleó has been helping our work long before us splitting up: she wrote the lyrics of Starfall and Mirror and she was the main character in Summoner Of The Wind - her work is the backbone of Érezd Át. This is where the story gets incredibly fast and gets involved with the last song on the album The Last 24 Hours. Those who follow us on Facebook might remember me announcing a 24 hour songwriting session of ours - well that was the last time Gergõ and me made something together and that was the point where he decided he's not interested in this and Alexandra left as well. That was the time when Kleó appeared with the said song saying Alexandra could sing it if we made a song out of it but of course that was impossible by then. That made me ask her to sing it for me and a few hours and some mixing-fixing later we recorded it as a simple but honest and - in my opinion - pretty catchy song.
The already mentioned The Last 24 Hours doesn't require too much explanation. It is the end, the only link connecting the past and the present, the last song which included a founding member somehow.

Let's finish the romantic sobbing with that, listen the songs carefully and with an open ear. Don't expect Alexandra again, I warn you, you'll be disappointed if you do. For those who considered Obsidian Shell as her it will a bitter surprise as THAT Obsidian Shell is no more and never will be again. But after long thinking and hesitating I think it worth to continue by the known name even if the sound will be slightly different. The music always were and always will be the mirror of my soul, that's not gonna change - and the ladies fit in that perfectly.

We wish everyone a happy new year and enjoy the new "us"! :)

29th July, 2011

Our 3rd album Evershade has been released. The means of downloading, listening and purchasing the album is the usual. More info in the Discography menu.

14th December, 2010



3rd November, 2010

Facebook. Like!
A little more: we're planning to add some exclusive info (rehearsals, gear, songs in progress etc). Follow us!

9th October, 2010

Things are getting a start slowly. The webshops iTunes, AmazonMP3 and Napster are selling our album and Napster offers free streaming in good quality (you can forget myspace compared to it). Also Jamendo music sharing site offers our album now for free streaming and download. If you don't understand the situation here's the official answer: we don't consider downloading music as stealing. Giving you the opportunity to listen our music from the first note to the last as many times as you like won't make you feel your purchase as wasted money like other albums which they offer 30 second samples of two tracks or so. If you like it you buy it - and even if you don't - no hard feelings: we're not against sharing. You can choose from the following purchasing options:

-For $5.99 AmazonMP3 offers full album download.
-For $9.99 iTunes and Napster offers our album.
-If you're audiophile or just want the exact same quality as a CD Jamendo will offer Lossless quality for 10 EUR soon (about $13,99).

Prices might vary in either a positive or negative way as we don't determine the price - shops do it. Anyhow, great thing about web distribution is that this way we get about 70% of the price unlike physical CDs where it's common for bands to get 15-25% per disc only.

3rd October, 2010

After 2 years of silence we're back with a brand new album named Angelic Asylum. (Wow I just realized I promised releasing it late summer. Well it was almost accurate except it was in 2009...) Good news for the English speaking audience (eg. you) that all songs are English except one. Maybe you'll like them even better this way. The style is changed a bit as samplers and analogue synths are more present now but no worries - the symphonic parts haven't disappeared.

The publication form has widened a bit - you'll be able to listen and download the songs from Jamendo, however you can support us in a few days by purchasing the songs and the album on the usual 1 USD/song 10 USD/album price that webshops offer. If everything goes well even Lossless will be available.

There are some new photos too and there will be more - just check sometimes if there's any new. Listen to the album and show it to anyone who you think would like it!

21th September, 2010

Music video. A little brownish but it's ours!

21th June, 2009

We have launched the English site. Sorry for taking this long - the main reason is only my laziness... Anyway, I take the opportunity to announce that our next full lenght album is now just months away. It's now in recording phase and if everything goes fine we can release it late summer.

You can listen to and download the album at Jamendo and Bittorrent. More in the Discography section.


Obsidian Shell